Available at the Chisago County Jail are Child Drug Testing, Huber / Work Release, Program Volunteers, Sentence to Service, Spiritual and Support Programs, and Walk-In Warrants.

Child Drug Testing

Any parent or guardian or a minor child, who is a resident of Chisago County, may pick up a drug testing urine kit at the Chisago County Jail at no charge. Bring proof you are a county resident, such as a driver’s license, and you will be provided a kit and instructions.

Huber / Work Release

Huber / Work Release is a privilege that allows an inmate to go to work while they are incarcerated; this allows them to maintain their jobs, but they must report back to the jail immediately after their work hours. The judge must grant Huber eligibility during sentencing and then the jail will verify employment and determine whether all requirements are met. The fact that Huber eligibility has been granted does not guarantee that you will be allowed out to work, as you must meet program requirements to be approved. For additional information on the Huber Program, please contact Program Coordinator Terry Davis at 651-213-6461.

Program Volunteers

The Chisago County Sheriff’s Office utilizes and is very thankful for the knowledge and special skills of over 60 civilian volunteers to provide the jail with a variety of programs and classes. For additional information on becoming a volunteer, please contact Program Coordinator Terry Davis at 651-213-6461.

Sentence to Service (STS)

Sentence to Service (STS) is a jail alternative program, in partnership with the State of Minnesota, for low-risk offenders, designed to repay the community for harm incurred by an offender. STS avoids costly incarceration and provides work projects that are of benefit to the citizens of Chisago County by improving the condition of its resources and improves competency levels for inmates through completion of meaningful work experiences. By participating in STS, inmates are able to indirectly make amends for their actions by contributing to work projects that add significant value to organizations and communities throughout the county. Under the direction of STS crew leaders, work projects are completed for public, non-profit, and government agencies. Examples of work projects include: trail and prairie restoration for state and county agencies, recycling for county buildings, natural disaster relief, painting, and/or general clean-up. For additional information on the STS Program, please contact Program Coordinator Terry Davis at 651-213-6461.

Spiritual and Support Programs

The Chisago County Jail offers a significant number of spiritual and support programs for the betterment of the inmate population. Some of the programs and topics offered to the inmates include: Free Indeed Bible Study, Pilot Outreach, 12 Seeds of Relationships, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Re-Entry. A variety of educational programs are also offered, such as GED classes and testing, Job Skills, Just for Veterans, and New Choices for Recovery treatment program. For additional information on these programs, please contact Program Coordinator Terry Davis at 651-213-6461.

Treatment Program

The Chisago County Jail has a partnership with Canvas Health to provide the New Choices for Recovery (NCR) treatment program. This 12-week evidenced-based program curriculum is facilitated by a licensed Substance Abuse Counselor and is built on a cognitive-behavioral model treating both substance use and criminal thinking simultaneously. The primary focus of the program is to reduce relapse and recidivism by focusing on treatment & education, as well as continued care components to set up an individual for success upon their release.

Walk In Warrants

The Jail is once again accepting walk-in warrants. To ensure adequate time for booking and a same-day court appearance, remember to arrive at the Public Safety Center lobby by 6:00 a.m. A valid government-issued photo ID is required.  

***Please do not attempt to turn yourself in on a warrant if you are feeling unwell, or if you have had recent contact with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19.***

The Jail accepts walk in warrants. Persons with an outstanding warrant may turn themselves into the Chisago County Jail, prior to 6:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, at which time arrangements will be made for wanted persons to be arraigned in court, if there is a judge available.