Questions and/or Concerns

Inquiry Resolution

Resolution Number 050921-8, Approving a Procedure to Handle Citizen or Commissioners Questions and/or Concerns

  • Whereas, the Chisago County Board of Commissioners has the responsibility to be the fiscal managers of taxpayers dollars
  • Whereas, it is appropriate to knowledge and encourage citizen involvement in all areas of county government
  • Whereas, the finances of the county are open for citizen review and / or comment
  • Whereas, this opportunity for review has raised questions and concerns regarding the appropriate nature of various expenditures by individuals and / or departments
  • Whereas, it is most efficient and effective to provide a process for addressing citizen's concerns after thorough research has been completed
  • Whereas, it is the County Administrator's responsibility to oversee the day to day operations of county government

Issuing an Inquiry

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that the Chisago County Board of Commissioners hereby adopts the following procedure to handle citizens questions and / or concerns:

  • Identify the specific nature of the questions or concern in writing.
    • Develop a Citizen Inquiry Form.
    • The completed form is submitted to the County Administrator for logging.
  • The County Administrator will work with the appropriate Department Head(s) to gather and document information on the issue.
  • The County Administrator will report findings to the citizen that has raised the question and / or concern.
    • It will be at the discretion of the County Administrator to notify the County Board.
    • If the County Administrator or citizen deems further action, the issue will be presented to the County Board for consideration.
  • If a commissioner has a concern with operational performance of county staff, it is their obligation to discuss their concern directly with the County Administrator for review and resolution if necessary.

Adopted: September 21, 2005