Court Administration (Minnesota Judicial Branch -10th Judicial District)


Kris Cunningham was appointed the Chisago County Court Administrator on February 1, 2020.

Court Administration is the agency which interacts most frequently with the public during their associations with the legal system.


The Office of the Court Administrator is a local position created by the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. The office is the highest judicial administrative office on the county level and is responsible for carrying out the non-judicial functions of the court, some of which include:

  • Court Finances
  • Case Management
  • Jury Management
  • Records Management

In addition, Court Administration provides a wide range of services to the public, judges, attorneys, agencies and other members of the judicial branch.

Office Origin

The Clerk of District Court, known as the Court Administrator is a public official; the office is created by Article VI, Section 13, of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. Appointment of the Court Administrator is by the Judges of the Tenth Judicial District with the authority to act as set forth in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 485.

Important Information

Receipt of emails cannot be guaranteed. You must contact court administration by telephone for immediate assistance.

No continuances are allowed through use of email. Continuance requests are able to be made pursuant to the applicable rules of court.

Mission Statement

Chisago County Court Administration seeks to assist the public and the court in the pursuit of justice. We provide timely and efficient services in an impartial and professional manner. Our goal is to instill public trust and confidence.