Family Courts

Family Court is the division of the District Court in Chisago County which deals with cases involving families. The function of the Family Division is to serve the public by processing and maintaining divorce, paternity, custody, support and domestic abuse files.


Step-Parent Adoption forms are available on the court's website. Any other adoption forms must be obtained from a legal forms company or you should contact an attorney.

Child Support

For modifications for child support or child support motion dates involving the county, please contact your Child Support Officer in Chisago County Human Services.

  • Chisago County Human Services
    Chisago County Government Center
    313 North Main Street
    Room 239
    Center City, MN 55012


The Family Court Judge may require you to attend the Parents Forever program. For registration and scheduling information, visit the extension website, or call 651-748-7295 to receive a current schedule.


Information is available on the Department of Health website regarding:

  • How to change birth records
  • How to obtain a new birth or death certificate or record
  • How to obtain a marriage certificate
  • How to obtain a divorce decree
  • How to replace birth records following an adoption
  • Related vital records information


If you would like to print family court forms for future reference or use, please visit the state court website.

Legal Aid

For legal aid, contact East Central Legal Services at 1-800-622-7772.


To contact a mediator, please see the alternative dispute resolution roster on the court website.

Online Help

Online help is available through Minnesota's law help website.

Referral Services

To reach help with the Minnesota State Bar Association Attorney Referral Services, please call 612-333-1183 or 1-800-882-6722.

Restraining Orders

There are 2 types of restraining orders:

  • Harassment Restraining Order
  • Order for Protection

To determine which you qualify for, please refer to the state court website, or contact The Refuge, a community service agency, at 651-257-2890 or 1-800-338-SAFE (7233).

If you have an Order for Protection against someone, but wish to dismiss the matter, you must appear before a judge.