Pilot Program

Chisago County Septic Pilot Program Final Program Summary 6-30-2009

  • 4,752 septic system evaluations conducted by County inspectors
  • 429 systems determined to be an imminent public health threat (9%)
  • 9 tickets issued
  • 389 new systems installed as of 6-30-2009
  • 20 additional systems ready to be installed after 6-30-2009
  • 20 systems left unresolved as of 6-30-2009 (either no permit on file to date, or in court)
  • 314 - total number of $400 cost share grants = $125,600
  • 408 residents attended 7 homeowner education classes
  • 22 grants (up to $5,000 each) provided from the $100,000 BWSR Clean Water Legacy Grant awarded based on county's work on the pilot program
  • 25 loans processed as of 6-30-2009 through the county's septic loan program created as a result of the pilot program
  • Partnered with the City of Lindstrom to bring imminent health threat systems in shoreland areas into compliance through annexation and hooking up to city sewer
  • Partnered with the Chisago Lakes Joint Sewage Treatment Facility to implement a holding tank program to received waste at the plant.

Program Benefits

Since the program's inception, over 96,000 gallons of holding tank waste have been deposited at the plant. 175,050 gallons of untreated sewage prevented from impacting the environment every day.

  • 29 milk trucks carrying 6,000 gallons each day
  • An Olympic sized swimming pool every 3.4 days