Pocket Guide for Good Health

The pocket guide for good health (PDF) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has information that will help you keep your child healthy and safe. Here is what is included in each section:

Your Child's Doctors & Nurses

The tips in this section will help you ask your child's doctor or nurse the right questions and get the right answers. You will see examples of questions throughout this booklet.

Note: Although we refer only to doctors and nurses here, the information in this booklet applies to all the health care professionals you consult for your child.

Check-Ups,Tests & Immunizations

This section explains why it's important to take your child to the doctor regularly, lists the immunizations (shots) your child needs, and provides other health information.

Growth & Development

Some of the activities children perform in infancy and early childhood are covered in this section. Information on good nutrition for babies and children is also provided.

Your Child in the World

Topics in this section include injury prevention, tobacco use, child abuse, and more. A safety checklist for children is included to help prevent accidental injury.

For More Information

This section lists organizations to contact for more information about child health and safety.

Keeping Track of Your Child's Health

This section offers charts and checklists to help you keep track of your child's doctor visits, immunizations and tests, and illnesses. This includes a Health Care Visit and Illness Record, Immunization Record, Tests and Exams Record and a Growth Record.You may want to bring this booklet with you when you take your child to the doctor and have the doctor or nurse record any care your child receives.