Pretrial Bail Evaluation / Supervision

Pretrial Bail Evaluation

Adults incarcerated and charged with "crimes of violence" as defined under M.S. 629.74, as well as other selected offenses, are given a pretrial bail evaluation by department staff. The probation officer checks the following:

  • Criminal record
  • Employment
  • Financial resources
  • Length of residence in the community
  • Mental and physical health
  • Record of appearance at court hearings
  • The person's currently charged offense
  • Ties to the community

The information collected during this investigation is provided to the court for use in determining whether or not the person should be released from jail, and under what conditions they should be released. Pretrial bail evaluations are performed each morning and are available to the court for the daily "in custody" court calendar.

Pretrial Supervision

Should a defendant be released from custody pending disposition of the case or until further order of the court, they may be required to comply with specific court ordered conditions of release such as:

  • No use or possession of alcohol and/or non-prescribed mood altering drugs.
  • Random alcohol and/or drug testing.
  • Electronic Home Alcohol Monitoring.
  • Remain law abiding.
  • No Contact Order(s).

These conditions will help to ensure public safety and address specific problem areas of the defendant. This department supervises the defendant at a supervision level based on the defendant's identified risk to the community, and monitors the compliance with the court's order.