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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Training (FASD) Post-Test

  1. 1. FASD is brain damage.*
  2. 2. FASD symptoms are always prevalent at a young age, screening is not necessary in later childhood.*
  3. 3. It is common for children with FASD to "explode" with increased behaviors when they get home from school. This is because they do not respect their caregivers.*
  4. 4. Children with FASD will quickly learn when given clear, consistent consequences.*
  5. 5. Children with FASD have difficulty generalizing and transferring ideas from one situation to another.*
  6. 6. Time Out is an effective discipline strategy for children with FASD.*
  7. 7. When a child with FASD cannot answer a question they knew the answer to an hour ago they are likely acting out by pretending not to know.*
  8. 8. Children with FASD do not need as much supervision as they grow in to their teenage years.*
  9. 9. When a child with FASD is "raging" you should keep talking to the child and telling them to calm down.*
  10. 10. It is common for a child with FASD to have high anxiety.*
  11. 11. Select the inappropriate strategy for behavior guidance:*
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