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Overview of Children's Mental Health Issues Self-Test

  1. 4. What are the 3 most important things for foster parents to know about Anxiety?
  2. 5. What are the 3 needs children have in order to be able to (or learn to) self sooth?
  3. 7. What are 3 mood changes associated with depression?
  4. 8. What are 3 physical / cognitive changes associated with depression?
  5. 9. What are 2 symptoms of depression in Toddlers?
  6. 10. What are 2 symptoms of depression in Pre-schoolers?
  7. 11. What are the 3 neurotransmitters?
  8. 12. What are the 3 "take home" points about depression?
  9. 14. What are 4 common factors in recognizing attention disorders?
  10. 15. What are 3 important factors for foster parents to "take home" about attention disorders?
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