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Parenting in Racially and Culturally Diverse Adoptive Families Post-Test

  1. 3. It doesn't matter if you understand your own racial and cultural identify?*
  2. 4. Exploring the realities of race and the differences between races and how they impact individual lives in your own __________ and __________.
  3. and
  4. 5. Learning about other cultures is an ongoing process?*
  5. 7. Name three microaggressions that communicate hostile racial judgments.
  6. 8. Helping your child develop a healthy identity requires your to take an intentional and ongoing active role?*
  7. 12. You should only talk about race and your child's cultural heritage when they are teenagers?*
  8. 14. Name five strategies that will help you be an important role model for your children against racism.
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