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Pathways to Permanency Post-Test

  1. 2. What are the three long run choices for permanency plans? (List them in order from first to last)
  2. 4. In a TPLPC a legal parent may have to pay child support?*
  3. 5. If a TPLPC a child inherits from their relative custodian without a legal will?*
  4. 6. Which legal option for the care of a child will allow the parents or legal custodian a tax credit?*
  5. 7. Caregivers do not need a successful background study to be eligible for Adoption Assistance and Kinship Assistance?*
  6. 9. Caregivers may ask for extension past age 18 up to 21 if special requirements are met?*
  7. 10. Name three differences between Northstar Adoption Assistance and Northstar Kinship Assistance.
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